Amy Schumer Opted for Liposuction After Getting 'Tired of Looking at Myself in the Mirror'

The comedian previously said that she’s now down to 170 lbs. after the procedure

Amy Schumer THR
Amy Schumer. Photo: photos by Heather Hazzan

Amy Schumer isn't afraid to say that feeling frustrated with how she looked is what drove her to get liposuction.

The 40-year-old comedian shared in January that she decided to get liposuction, briefly explaining in an Instagram post that she never thought she would get plastic surgery but changed her mind after getting her uterus and appendix removed in September to fix her endometriosis, and after welcoming her son Gene, 2, via C-section.

And in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Schumer explained that she just wanted to like her body.

"It's not about needing to be slamming, because I've never been famous for being hot, but I'd reached a place where I was tired of looking at myself in the mirror," she said.

Amy Schumer THR
Amy Schumer. photos by Heather Hazzan

Holding the part of her stomach above her C-section scar, Schumer said that she came to the realization that the area wasn't going to improve with lifestyle changes like "grilled chicken and walks."

And Schumer, who had said in her Instagram Stories that she's now at 170 lbs. after the procedure, added that she has no regrets about her decision to have the surgery or to own up to it.

"Everybody on camera is doing this s---, I just wanted to be real about it," she said.

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That sentiment is one she shared last week during an interview with Chelsea Handler.

"I just wanted to say that, because if anybody sees me in pictures or anything and they're like, she looks thinner, and whatever: it's because I had a surgery," she said on Handler's podcast Dear Chelsea. "It's too hard, and I just want to be real about it."

Amy Schumer THR
Amy Schumer. photos by Heather Hazzan

Schumer said that as soon as she had healed up from her endometriosis surgery, she asked about liposuction.

"I healed well, and I was like, can I get lipo? And I got lipo and I'm feeling really good," she told Handler.

Her liposuction results are one of the many things — from her uterus removal to her failed round of IVF — that Schumer is happy to make public.

"She'll have these super personal things, and I'll be like, 'Amy, you don't have to give anybody that, that's yours,' " her longtime collaborator Kevin Kane told THR. "And she'll think about it, and then she'll go, 'Oh, fuck it, I'll put it on Instagram, it might make somebody feel good.' "

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