"Once you turn 40, you begin to meet a new person in the mirror every morning," says the actress

Credit: David M. Benett/Getty

Amy Adams says she’s not afraid of getting older, but admits she is still getting used to the subtle changes to her looks.

“Once you turn 40, you begin to meet a new person in the mirror every morning,” Adams, 41, said to The Times Magazine. “I say, ‘Oh, hello. I know you.’ You can repair yourself, but it takes a little longer.”

“Hopefully, I can continue acting as my face continues to fall south,” the actress joked.

Adams – who wed her longtime love Darren Le Gallo last May – hasn’t always been this sure of herself. In her 30s, she says she was “a different creature back then, a perfectionist.”

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“Now I just embrace it. I’m still a little neurotic, but it’s okay because all my neuroses are centered on myself and I don’t take them out on anyone else,” she says. “Half the problem was that I spent so much energy trying not to be what I am. Now I just embrace it and half the anxiety goes away.”

But the one place that still gives her pause in Hollywood: the red carpet.

“I understand that it is part of the job, but it’s not my favorite place,” she says. “I am not a look-at-me person. I enjoy getting ready – that’s the best part. I have a wonderful team of people who get me ready so I can’t take any credit if I look good.”

“In my everyday life, the responsibility is on me,” she continues, “and I fall very short.”