Singer Alessia Cara Reveals She Started Losing Her Hair in Elementary School

"I was constantly looking for hairstyles to hide the bald spots,"says Alessia Cara

Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

Alessia Cara started straightening her hair at an early age because her classmates used to tease her for her frizzy hair.

“I just wanted to look like everyone else,” the singer, 20, told Glamour.

Cara believes that straightening her hair may have led to her hair loss at a very early age.

“In late elementary school, early high school, I started losing my hair in chunks in the shower,” she says. “It was one of the scariest things. It got to the point where it was visibly gone.”

Dealing with her hair loss only compounded the insecurities any high school-er normally feels.

“You have so many pressures – what people are going to think of you – and I was going into [high school] losing all my hair,” says Cara. “I had, like, nothing left. It was patches of missing hair that people would point out, because people are mean in high school.”

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At first, Cara tried to disguise her condition.

“I was constantly looking for hairstyles to hide the bald spots,” she says.

Even more frustrating was the fact that she didn’t know what was causing her hair to fall out.

“I didn’t know why it was happening,” says Cara. “I just kept thinking, ‘Why am I so young and having to deal with this?’ I didn’t want people to look at me, I didn’t want people to get too close. Even now, I struggle with it; sometimes, you can see that my hair is missing in some spots.”

But instead of letting her hair loss destroy her self-image, Cara has been learning to come to terms with it.

“I have just learned how to accept it,” she says. “Being in the public eye, you’re always worried about what angle people are going to take pictures of you at. I don’t really care anymore. I just let my hair dry naturally; I don’t hide it.”

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