Sean Milliken leaves his bed for the first time in years so he and his mom can drive to Texas


After years of being bed-ridden and swelling up to around 900 lbs., Sean Milliken is attempting to finally lose weight to save his life.

Along with his mother Renee, Sean is moving to Houston in the hopes that he will qualify for weight loss surgery. But while Sean knows this may be his last hope, he’s afraid of the risks.

“I’m not 100 percent certain this is the right decision to make,” Sean, 25, says in this exclusive clip from My 600-lb Life. “I am extremely nervous about this trip. It’s going to take anywhere from 30 to 40 hours to drive there. I’m very worried about that. If I fall, we won’t be near the hospital for people to pick me up.”

“Sean’s worried about leaving everything he’s ever known, but it’s worth the risk,” Renee, 56, says. “He needs to experience life. That’s what I hope comes out of all this.”

Sean explains that his weight gain started because of a rough relationship with his father, who used to yell in his face and back Sean into a corner.

“It was scary. So I would eat. And suddenly I felt a lot better,” Sean says. “In that moment, nothing else mattered.”

Renee says she would use food to make Sean feel better about his father.

“I probably overcompensated in a lot of ways,” she says. “I couldn’t go to the store without bringing him home a treat.”

And she had her own issues with food to contend with.

“I have an eating disorder myself,” Renee explains. “And it’s hard to fix in someone else what’s wrong with you.”

She divorced from Sean’s father when he was ten, and already past 150 lbs. But it didn’t help his weight.

“I realized it wasn’t healthy for Sean to stay around his father,” Renee says. “But the divorce really had a hard affect on Sean, it really bothered him.”

“I felt like it was my fault, I felt like my family had fallen apart because of me,” Sean says. “So I kept going to food to deal with those feelings. I would get out of school and my mom would be at work, so I would just come home and go straight to the fridge. I’d eat everything and anything I could get my hands on. I started gaining probably 50 lbs. a year, and by the time I was in high school I was over 400 lbs.”

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Then, in his senior year of high school, Sean fell down the stairs and tore a ligament in his leg, leaving him bedridden and unable to finish out the year. In the eight years since then, Sean has barely left his bed. Their attempt to move is the first time he’s stood up in years.

“I’m leaving everything I know to save my life,” Sean says. “This is by far the biggest risk my mom and I have ever taken.”

“And I’m scared that I’m beyond help at this point, and no matter what I do or what help I get, I’m still going to be dead soon.”

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