Liz Evans needs surgery for her lymphedema growths, but at over 600 lbs. she is still unable to get out of bed and stand


Liz Evans desperately needs lymphedema surgery for the growths on her legs, but she needs to be able to stand up first — and at over 600 lbs., it’s no easy task.

Evans, 35, has been at a rehab facility for a month, working with a physical therapist to try and stand up for the first time in years.

“It’s been really hard on me,” she says in this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life. “They’ve been doing exercises with me, but I haven’t been able to stand just yet. I have been able to start to sit up, and get to the end of the bed, which I feel is good progress, because that’s more than I’ve been able to do in a long time. But I know I need to stand to get my lymphedema surgery, so I’m trying every time to do it.”

“It’s just so hard, because physical therapy is excruciating.”

Evans’ physical therapist comes in for another attempt at helping her stand up, but just sitting up is exhausting enough.

“Hold on, I’m trying to catch my breath,” Evans says as she leans forward. “It’s just that the left [leg] is shaking.”

Evans explains in a voiceover that any movement “hurts so bad.”

“It’s like your legs are awakening the muscles, and coming back alive because I’ve been laid up so long,” she says. “And I just have so much weight on my body still. And the masses on my legs start to hang down and pull, making it even more painful. So this is just really, really hard.”

Evans tries to stand, but can’t make it off the bed at all, and the doctors push her back into place as she screams out in pain.

“It’s discouraging that I haven’t been able to do it yet,” she says. “But I know I have to, so I’m going to keep trying until I do. Trust me, I’m going to try to get it.”

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