This 600-Lb. Woman Hasn't Left Her Bed Since She Suffered a Kidney Failure 12 Years Ago

Lupe Samano is afraid her kidneys will fail again as a complication from her diabetes

Photo: TLC

Weighing 500 lbs. by age 28, Lupe Samano’s failing health started to tear her apart.

Samano, 40, has diabetes thanks to her weight gain that started at age 5 when her parents abandoned her. And the year that she turned 28, Samano suffered from kidney failure that sent her into a diabetic coma, and created other complications.

“There was so much fat around my neck, it was suffocating me. So they had to do a tracheotomy just so I could breathe when I was unconscious,” she explains in this exclusive clip from TLC’s My 600-lb Life. “They had to do a chin tuck, and then put the trach in because even with the ventilator I still needed it.”

Now 12 years later, Samano hasn’t left her bed once, and her weight now hovers just below 600 lbs.

“I haven’t walked on my own since,” Samano says, tearing up. “I walked into the ER and never walked out. It changed my life.”

Samano is unable to stand, so her husband Gilbert helps her do everything right in her bed.

“Now my bed is my restroom, the place where I take a shower. Where I do everything,” she says. “Words can’t even explain how much I hate being in this bed. I need to be taken care of 24/7 because I can’t do anything for myself.”

And because Samano doesn’t have control of her body, she has trouble getting motivated to make a change.

“Being this overweight, everything I do is hard and it’s a struggle,” she says. “Things are so hard for me. I’ve lost motivation to do anything for myself, and my body’s starting to break down.”

To save her life, Samano and Gilbert are moving to Houston to see if she can qualify for weight loss surgery to save her body – and her life.

“My weight is taking a toll on my heart, my liver, my kidneys, my legs. Everything,” Samano says.

“I’m in pain and I feel helpless, worthless.”

TLC’s My 600-lb Life airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

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