50-Year-Old Grandma Who Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Gives Birth: 'I Used to Call Bull on That'

Michele Hall and her doctor both thought she was already in menopause

Michele Hall is the proud parent of three adult children, one 14-year-old — and a newborn baby boy.

The 50-year-old, who also has two grandkids, got the surprise of her life in October when she learned she was 26 weeks pregnant, despite two different doctors telling her a year earlier that she was in menopause.

Hall, from Naples, Florida, didn’t have any morning sickness or weight gain. Although she experienced a few aches and pains, she figured they were caused by either menopause or lupus, which she’s had for ten years. But on Oct. 8, out of curiosity, she decided to buy a pregnancy test and was stunned to find out she was expecting a baby with her 47-year-old husband, Jerry.

“Everyone was in shock,” Michele told the Naples Daily News.

“Definitely in shock,” Jerry added. “It does make me feel young, though.”

Michele said she felt like the women on the former TLC show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.

“I used to call bull on that until it happened to me,” she said.


Her OB-GYN, Dr. Thomas Beckett, said that Michele was the oldest pregnant patient he’s had in his 30 years of practicing medicine.

He said that the chance of it happening was incredibly slim. “She just released the one egg that did it.”

Once the shock wore off, Michele was worried for the baby. With her older age, lupus, pre-existing high blood pressure and lack of prenatal care prior to finding out, the pregnancy was considered high-risk. Her doctors knew she would have to deliver early and via C-section, because the longer she carried the baby, the greater the chance of her having a seizure or heart problems.

Thankfully, the last two months of pregnancy went well, other than the odd looks Michele would get when she walked around town.

“A lot of older people would look at me and do a double take because they were probably trying to figure out if I was as old as they thought I was,” she said.

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On Dec. 27, doctors conducted the scheduled C-section, thinking the baby was around 37 weeks. But they discovered he was just around 34 or 35 weeks. Despite being mostly healthy he remained in the newborn intensive care unit for 12 days. During that time, he had a few issues with a slower heart rate, sleep apnea and temporary respiratory problems.

“It goes through your mind that something can go wrong,” Michele said.

But on Jan. 7, they were able to take their baby home. Michele and Jerry named him Greyson, because they were planning to name the baby Grace if it was a girl.

“He’ll be here by the grace of God,” Michele said.

Now they’re settling into normal life with an infant. But this time, Michele knows Greyson is her last baby — she had her fallopian tubes removed after the C-section.

“I’m 100 percent sure I’m not having any more kids,” she said, adding, “He’s a blessing.”

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