Willow Wright, from Australia, said it felt “like skin was coming off” her tongue
Willow Wright

A 4-year-old girl says she'll never eat sour Warhead candies again after sneaking 10 of them when her mom was busy working and allegedly burning off part of her tongue.

Willow Wright, from Australia, found her older brother's stash of Warheads and quickly ate them while her mom, Kirsty, was upstairs, Kirsty told Australia's 9 News.

Willow then ran upstairs, yelling to Kirsty, "'Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, my tongue is really sore and it hurts,' " Kirsty recalled.  

Willow said "it feels like skin was coming off," she told the outlet. Kirsty said her daughter's tongue had a dent where the skin had peeled away.

"I burst into tears because I was really worried, I'd never seen this before," Kirsty said.

She called her daughter's doctor, who said that there wasn't much he could do, advising Kirsty to give Willow iced popsicles and pain medication and that it would heal in a few days.

"He did say we were very lucky because the tongue is the fastest to heal in the entire body," Kirsty said.

Warheads, which are produced by the Wisconsin-based Impact Confections, come with a warning on every package that "eating multiple pieces within a short time period may cause a temporary irritation to sensitive tongues and mouths." The warning is not one that they are required to include, but one they've voluntarily decided to add, the company says on their website.

The candy can include ascorbic acid, citric acid, lactic acid and malic acid, and "all these ingredients are approved by the FDA for use in foods and are included at levels at or below regulatory limits," the company says.

"We produce only high-quality products that meet all US Federal guidelines for PH levels and ingredients, and when eaten normally, consumers enjoy them with no issues. However, some people may have an increased sensitivity to these ingredients," they say on their Frequently Asked Questions page. "If your mouth experiences any irritation, sour candy is probably too extreme for your tongue and you should stick to Circus Peanuts."

PEOPLE has contacted Impact Confections for further comment.

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Kirsty said that after the incident, she's removed all Warheads from the house.

"I literally went on a rampage and threw every lollie out of the house," she said, using the Australian word for candies or lollipops. "I just wanted to make it aware to parents just how dangerous these lollies really are."

And Willow gave a "no" when asked if she plans on eating them again — but said "yes" to having McDonald's.