An 11-year-old girl was pulled out of her sixth-grade class for wearing leggings, and mom Kimberly Jones says administrators "embarrassed and harassed" her daughter
Credit: Courtesy Kimberly Jones

One mom is outraged after school administrators pulled her 11-year-old daughter out of class for wearing leggings at Lansing Middle School in Kansas.

Kimberly Jones posted about the incident on Facebook Wednesday after her daughter Bella texted her, distraught, because she was removed from her sixth grade class and forced to wear sweatpants over her leggings, and then told she could not call her mom.

“She texted me all upset sobbing that they told her not to call me and that she had to wear borrowed sweatpants all day,” Kimberly writes. “Their policy is that they are not allowed to change. She was begging to move because they embarrassed and harassed her.”

Kimberly pointed out that Bella’s shirt offered full coverage, and she was also wearing a tank underneath.

“Apparently 13 year old boys can’t control themselves around this,” Kimberly says. “In what world is it acceptable to call out and embarrass a child over THIS outfit?”

“As I sat there waiting for the principal I saw a teacher walk by with pants so tight I could see her underwear…but this is unacceptable? Are we living in the 1900s? And am I being punked because I just cannot believe this crap is real.”

Nineveh Carvan, community relations director for the Lansing School District, told Fox4 that she was informed that the hem of Bella’s shirt was too high.

“The nurse informed me that she measured all the way around the dress or the shirt and it wasn’t the sides, in was in front and in the back where it was too short,” Carvan said.

Kimberly says she has since talked to the school superintendent, and says he told her that he didn’t think the school handled the situation correctly, but that his hands are tied.

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The school district updated the dress code policy Thursday morning, after the incident, with the Joneses to add that “leggings” are not allowed for being too “revealing,” according to Fox4.

PEOPLE has reached out to the Lansing School District for comment.