'1000-Lb. Sisters' ' Tammy Slaton Reveals She Has a New Boyfriend: 'He Likes Big Girls'

The TLC star, who recently decided to leave her food addiction rehab program, said that she met her boyfriend Phillip on social media

Tammy Slaton is hoping to have a long-term relationship with her new boyfriend.

The 1000-Lb. Sisters star, 35, shares on this week's episode of the TLC show that she's dating a new guy named Phillip after they started talking on social media.

Though he lives in Vegas, "he actually came to meet me recently," Slaton says in this exclusive clip.

"Meeting Phillip for the first time, I mean, it was great. We talked and held hands and just watched TV, and got to know each other," she says. "I like everything about him. I like how he makes me feel. Like, he makes me happy. And I can honestly say this is happiness."

Slaton says that she decided not to tell anyone that Phillip was coming out to visit her, and that the two of them are "vibing."

Tammy Slaton and boyfriend Phillip
Tammy Slaton and her boyfriend Phillip. TLC

Already, she says, the two of them are exclusively dating.

"Phillip and I are together. That's my man. I'm his woman," she says. "I can see a long life with Phillip. Even though we just met, it feels like I've known him forever."

Slaton admits, though, that Phillip is known online for talking about his interest in bigger women. On his Instagram page, he's posted videos saying that "anything under 300 [lbs.] is disrespectful," and "if I married you at 450 and you get down to 299 just know am out see ya."

Slaton denies that it's a problem.

"Yes, he does have a persona on the internet, but it doesn't define who he is," she says. "So he likes big girls. He's just a supporter. And he knows very well that I'm on a weight loss journey. And he's okay with it. He's all for me losing weight and getting healthier. No, he don't want me to get under 300, and I'm fine with that."

Slaton, who previously came out as pansexual, said that she "can't wait to see him again."

New episodes of 1000-Lb. Sisters air Mondays at 10 p.m. ET.

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