''1000-Lb. Best Friends' '' Vannessa Cross Begs Sister Not to Bring Unhealthy Foods: 'You're Killing Me'

Cross, who is trying to lose weight, tells her sister, "It's like a drug addict getting off their drug, yet you keep bringing it in the house"

Vannessa Cross is doing everything she can to stick to her healthy diet and lose some of her 441 lbs., but her sister is tempting her with all the foods she's trying to avoid.

On Monday's episode of 1000-Lb. Best Friends, Cross' sister Jakie comes over for breakfast and brings a full spread of doughnuts, pancakes with sprinkles, hash browns, eggs and sausage.

"Oh my god that looks amazing," Vannessa, 44, says after seeing the meal. "But I mean, I can't eat 90% of that."

Jakie pushes her to eat the off-plan foods anyway, telling Vannessa that she wants her "to be happy."

"I'll be happy when I'm healthy," Vannessa replies, before explaining in a separate interview that Jakie always tries to keep her from sticking to a diet.

"Any time I try to start a diet, eat healthy, any of that, my sister always has to bring in her f---ing fattening foods. And this has been going on throughout my whole life, and I feel like if I don't put my foot down and do something right now to change it, it's going to continue to go on and I will fail."

1000-Lb. Best Friends Vannessa
Vannessa Cross at the beginning of her weight loss journey. TLC

Jakie tries to argue that Vannessa "needs to be realistic" and can't completely cut out doughnuts.

"I just think that a person that's on a 'diet' needs to still eat things that they like," Jakie says, using air quotes. "You can't just say, I love to eat doughnuts, but I'm not going to eat doughnuts anymore."

Vannessa emotionally points out continuously bringing doughnuts and other off-diet foods over is like tempting a drug addict with their drug of choice.

"It's like a drug addict getting off their drug, yet you keep bringing it in the house? They're going to want to do it; they're going to want to touch it," Vannessa says, starting to cry. "I'm going to want to eat it; I'm going to want to see it. I want one so bad. I can't."

In a separate interview, Vannessa says that this has been a conflict for their entire lives.

"I'm an addict, and an addict can't have [a] little treat here, a little treat there. It has to be cold turkey," she says. "Jakie is skinny. She can eat biscuits, she can eat fried food, she can eat chocolate, she can eat anything. She don't gain any weight. I eat it, I look at it, and I'm gaining the weight."

Vannessa then lays down the law with Jakie — she has to respect Vannessa's weight loss efforts.

"Right now I'm asking you: stop bringing fattening foods in the house. Stop bringing anything unhealthy in the house. Stop," she says. "You're killing me."

1,000-Lb. Best Friends airs Mondays at 10pm ET/PT on TLC and discovery+.

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