10 Natural Hair Accounts That Will Make You Want to Trash Your Flat Iron Forever

Seriously, stop what you're doing and go follow them – all of them

Photo: Instagram

Kinks, coils and curls are not a new trend.

In recent years, more and more people have shunned wigs, hair weaves and chemical relaxers, returning to the more natural, born-with-it look of past decades.

Chemical relaxer sales are plummeting by the millions, NBC News reports, and with that, a slew of social media accounts aimed at naturalistas (and naturalistos) have surfaced, taking the world of Instagram by storm.

Here are 10 Instagram accounts that will surely inspire you to trash the flat irons and let your curls flow free.

1. Joy Adaezé

Adaezé, a Nigerian-American blogger, boasts an Instagram following of more than 7,000. In her blog, she describes herself as a stylist and fashion host, and she has a natural hair extension line, Curl Sistas, promoted under a separate Instagram account.

Adaezé tells PEOPLE that she and her husband, Obi, started Curl Sistas (@curlsistas) in 2014.

“At the time, [we] saw a lack of IG accounts that featured both a natural woman’s fashion style and their natural hair,” she says. “We wanted to bring that to the forefront with Curl Sistas. Because our account was a fresh take on natural hair, it grew quickly and stood out.”

Adaezé herself began sporting her natural look in 2009 after chemical relaxing damaged her hair, a decision that, she says, “ended up being amazing for my hair.”

Now, years later, Adaezé runs Curl Sistas and serves as prime style and hair inspiration, but says natural hair isn’t simply a trend.

“It’s who we are and I feel that it’s here to stay,” she says.

2. Britney Watkins

Watkins (@bwatuwant) is a New York-based model with a loyal Instagram following of more than 160,000. Even more impressive, though, is her dirty-blond mane, which she lets hang wild around her face and shoulders. She’s lent her modeling talents to Sephora, Cosmopolitan and more. But Watkins also (graciously) lends her hair care routine to her thousands of followers via video links posted to her account.

3. Natural Hair Rules

The name says it all. The @NaturalHairRules Instagram account is a one-stop shop for kinky-haired men and women looking for encouragement and the 411 on the best beauty products. The account even encourages its nearly 30,000 followers to share stories and give advice regarding hair care.

4. Zeinab Mursal

She’s a self-proclaimed “East-African nomad.” Using the handle @naturally_zeze, Mursal has shared her years-long hair care journey, inspiration and natural hair products she loves with her nearly 30,000 followers. From throwback photos to her transitioning days, Mursal assures curlistas that it’s never too late to start their natural hair journeys.

“I went natural three years ago to regain my hair back to its natural, healthy curls,” Mursal tells PEOPLE. “After years of damage caused by heat and color, I decided to do some research on healthy hair care … I created a personal IG account, but after many questions about how I care for my hair, and saw I was accumulating a following, I decided to turn it into my platform to help others on their journey.”

She notes that more people are “openly loving their natural hair and wearing it out with pride.”

“It’s amazing seeing so many people wearing their natural hair with pride and showcasing the beauty of natural curly, kinky, coily hair for everyone to see,” she says. “It’s crazy to think not long ago it was a rare sight!”

5. Avielle

Twist-outs, head wraps, style tips and beauty products are just some of the things that make up @Avielleamor’s account. The vlogger has an Instagram following of more than 18,000 and she never fails to share the tips that make her short, natural ‘do one of the hottest on social media.

6. Mahogany Curls

The woman behind @mahoganycurls sports a head full of loose, shoulder-length coils. Multiples times a week, her 265,000 followers can expect to be introduced to hair care and makeup products along with a slew of selfies.


7. Curly Nikki

Neither curls nor laughs are in short supply on @curlynikki’s Instagram account. Curly Nikki graces her more than 53,000 followers with mini hair tutorials, photos of her hilarious video chats with her grandmother, and tips on caring for those coils.

8. Carla

Or, @Naturally_curla, as she’s cleverly known on her Instagram. It’s difficult to find a snap that doesn’t feature Carla’s thick head of curls when perusing the account. From flexi-rods to rollers, Carla gives in-depth tutorials on achieving multiple natural looks.

Carla tells PEOPLE that she started the account two years ago as a way to document her natural hair journey and the styles she’s mastered along the way.

“I didn’t think anything of what I was doing,” she says. “Suddenly women started asking me questions. And asking for video clips of the process and full details. Next thing I know, my little hobby started helping others.”

9. Natural Girls Rock

That’s the message of the group behind @NaturalGirlsRockTeam. A simple visit to the account, which boasts a following of 117,000, will leave a naturalista – or anyone – with encouraging quotes, style inspiration and selfies from kinky-haired men and women around the world.


10. Solange Knowles

Yes, Beyoncé‘s little sister. Although Knowles doesn’t bill her page as a natural hair account, she gives inspiration to those sporting their natural locks. Usually, Knowles is photographed rocking a blowout, with her black tresses stretching past her shoulders.


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