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Tracy Anderson has worked with some of the hottest bodies in Hollywood — including Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow — and the fitness guru is sharing her best daily tips for starting your fitness journey on the right foot in the New Year exclusively with PEOPLE readers.

Day 1: Start a daily regimen of stepping on the same scale every morning in the nude.
“Get to know and be okay with your current physical health,” says the creator of the Tracy Anderson Method. “Start to gain knowledge about your body and how different things affect your transformation.”

Day 2: Stay focused on you and your best, balanced self. Don’t compare to others.
“Be smart and consistent with your plan, and don’t spend time focusing on what others are doing or how they look.”

Day 3: Find a program that will support your long-term body.
“Remember that there are no quick fixes,” says Anderson.

For that reason, it’s important to choose a program that you enjoy, and that is reasonable for you to do consistently.

“You want to be able to move for the rest of your life! Find a program that supports you in reaching your goals and keeping you there.”

Day 4: Don’t think you can’t, believe you CAN!
“Have a growth mindset so you don’t get stuck in your workout mentality,” Anderson says.

Day 5: Be Patient.
Take the time to get to know your chosen exercise program and be patient as your body adjusts.

“It takes time to get your body to speak the language — but once it does [your body] just becomes more and more intelligent and your results continue to improve,” says Anderson, who offers her program to clients everywhere through her real-time video streaming service.

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Day 6: Be positive, and give yourself positive reinforcement.
Working out is challenging, especially for beginners. Reward yourself for making it this far in your journey with new workout clothes or a fun fitness planner.

“It takes patience to actually love your workout,” says Anderson. “I look forward to my workout, but when you have distanced your body from regular movement it’s uncomfortable to get going. Once you do, it’s everything.”

Day 7: Fuel yourself properly.
“Be aware of what you are putting into your body. Always opt for organic, whole foods,” says Anderson, who recommends Tracy Anderson CLEAR bars as a good on-the-go snack when fresh foods are not an option. “Choose good food, not fast food.”

Day 8: Sweat.
“Learn to love to sweat.”

Day 9: Make sure you are performing in your workout.
Don’t hold back — make sure you are giving your workouts 100 percent.

“Engaging and transmitting real energy is very powerful to your results. Everyone has the right to move like Beyoncé, so don’t dim your light!”

Day 10 and beyond: Be consistent.
“I can’t stress this enough,” says Anderson. “Every day that you don’t work out you are gaining weight or staying the same.”