Zendaya Says These Are the 'Best Enchiladas Ever Created'

The actress dishes on one of her favorite recipes made by her big brother.

If you haven’t had lunch yet, your stomach is about to growl.

Spider-Man: Homecoming star Zendaya shared her big brother EZ’s veggie enchilada recipe on her app on Tuesday, calling them “the best enchiladas ever created on Earth.”

The segment, titled Cooking with the Colemans, shows her brother EZ, Zendaya and her friend Zink taking you through the process of cooking the enchiladas from start to finish with the 21-year-old adding in a little encouragement for her chef-brother and fun commentary throughout the process.

“I always wondered how you made this,” says the singer, who is a vegetarian. “Usually it just happens, you know? I just reap the benefits.”

Zendaya Enchiladas 2

After chopping and sautéing a variety of veggies including zucchini, yellow squash and green peppers, EZ mixes them with enchilada sauce and lots of cheese. He then adds potatoes into the bowl, which makes Zendaya say, “I would eat this alone, not even going to lie to you” as she takes a bite.

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For the final step, the home chefs roll up the mixture into the tortillas and place them in the oven to bake for 25 minutes.

“Muy, muy delicioso,” Zendaya says while giving it a taste test.

Watch the episode on her website for the full recipe and check out a sneak peek in the clip above.

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