The Youtuber, known as Tom Stanniland said he wanted to see whether or not a burger would taste the same after being in space

By Robyn Merrett
March 29, 2019 09:18 PM
Credit: Killem/YouTube

Members of the Colchester United Football Club in England were left with more questions than answers when they discovered a frozen McDonald’s Big Mac on their playing field earlier this week.

On Wednesday, the soccer club, based in England, found a peculiar contraption consisting of a styrofoam box, a parachute, a GoPro camera and of course the mysterious frozen burger.

Puzzled by the object, Colchester United F.C. shared their discovery on Twitter.

“There was no card inside, so we didn’t really know what to do. Honestly, what DO you do with a frozen burger,” the soccer league wrote on Twitter, sharing a photo of the device.

The football club said that shortly after making the discovery, they received a phone call from a man, who claimed the contraption was his and that he had recently sent it to space.”

“The chap on the phone explained that the box, burger and GoPro camera was his, he was from Sheffield, and he’d sent the burger into space,” Colchester F.C. wrote.

The man on the phone, who turned out to be popular YouTuber, who calls himself Killem, told the soccer club he was on his way to retrieve it.

Killem, who’s real name is Tom Stanniland sent the Big Mac into space on a weather balloon and documented the whole journey via GoPro.

Stanniland was able to hunt down the burger after it returned to earth all thanks to a GPS tracking device he attached to the contraption.

The goal of Stanniland’s experiment was to determine whether or not the burger would taste the same after being in space.

So, when he finally got his hands on the famous McDonald’s food item, he took a bite.

As for how the burger stayed intact following it’s journey, Stanniland said he super glued it to the styrofoam box. However, he made sure to leave one part of the burger untouched.

Stanniland shared the experiment on his YouTube page, which shows how he built the device, the moment he launched it into space and his reaction after tasting it.

In the clip, Stanniland can be seen eating the burger, which appears to be very stiff.

“It’s drying out my mouth,” he said in the video as his friend asks him “Is it out of this world?”

“I’ve eaten a burger from space,” Stanniland says. “The end.”

In response to Stanniland’s mission, McDonald’s UK tweeted, “We always knew the Big Mac was out of this world.”