This year, dozens of you shared your pumpkin carving handiwork with We couldn't have been more impressed by every single photo, but a few caught our eye as being exceptionally spooktacular. Now presenting 2013's Pumpkin Hall of Fame, starting with...

By peoplestaff225
Updated October 31, 2013 01:41 PM

We were so impressed by the pumpkin carving handiwork of our readers that we just had to share them with you! These few caught our eye as being exceptionally spooktacular, but you can check out all the awesome submissions on our Your Turn pin board. Now presenting 2013’s Pumpkin Hall of Fame, starting with…

…Miley Cyrus! If you’re not one of the million people dressed up as the singer this Halloween, you can paint a Miley-pumpkin instead!

For the record, Beetlejuice wore black-and-white pinstripes long before Robin Thicke.

This pumpkin is all dolled up for the rodeo. Can we have his hat?

Who do you think would win an epic ’80s battle: Ghostbusters‘s Stay Puft Marshmallow Man or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle‘s Raphael?

Clever idea! Use the natural grooves of a pumpkin to paint the eight legs of an black widow spider.

Poll: Is this cheeseburger more or less edible than the deep-fried Twinkie burger?

Don’t catapult this Angry Bird.

She’s the Chiquita pumpkin and she’s here to say: “Buzz off, other pumpkins—my eyelashes are way better than yours.”

Adding this to the file: Ideas for what to do with your annoying little brother. (We kid!)

We love Toy Story‘s Woody, but where’s Bullseye?

Props to these cat props.

We hope the haunting pumpkins don’t scare off trick-or-treaters! Visitors are always “velcome.”

As Yoda would say, patience you must have to carve something as intricate as this. Or as the carver captioned the photo: “Yoda pumpkin, awesome it is ;)”

All this Breaking Bad Walter White pumpkin needs is some blue rock candy sprinkled around it.

“Everyone say hello to my minion pumpkin. Yes I just made that by hand,” writes the carver of the Despicable Me design. Consider us impressed.