Cheetos-Flavored Mac and Cheese Will Soon Arrive at Walmart (and Yes It Comes in Flamin' Hot)

Cheetos mac and cheese
Photo: Cheetos

If you've ever put a little bit of crushed Cheetos in your bowl of mac and cheese for added flavor (it's a thing!), this might be the best news you've heard all year.

In what is the most exciting news since KFC started cranking out Cheetos fried chicken sandwiches in 2019, PepsiCo Foods announced the arrival Cheetos Mac and Cheese on Wednesday. The new product, which seems to be your standard boxed macaroni and cheese infused with Cheetos flavor, will make their way to Walmart grocery shelves imminently, according to a press release.

The box features the brand's famed mascot Chester the Cheetah shoveling a spoonful of noodles into his mouth, and the ingredient list consists of "Chester’s Top-Secret Seasoning," which is allegedly the secret to giving it "authentic Cheetos cheesiness," the press release reads.

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For those who like things spicy, the box of corkscrew noodles also comes in the iconic Flamin' Hot variety or the Cheesy Jalapeño flavor.

And while this hybrid meal might satisfy your snack craving all in one box, we might still advocate for crushing some extra Cheetos on top, because textural contrast is important.

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