And it’s under $10

By Alex Warner
October 08, 2019 04:33 PM
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Credit: Walmart

Move over, pumpkin spice lattes — because a new drink is about to take over your mug this winter (and hot chocolate lovers, this one’s for you!).

Let us introduce you to the newest seasonal drink that the Internet is freaking out over: York Peppermint Chocolate Hot Cocoa, which, yes, is exactly what it sounds like. Hershey’s is selling the delicious mint chocolate York Peppermint Patty candies in a drinkable form. The classic, creamy taste of Hershey’s chocolate combined with the cool minty flavor from the peppermint patties makes for a cozy cup of hot cocoa that’s smooth and rich yet delightfully light.

The mix comes in both a K-Cup pod and powder packet version, so you can get that irresistibly delicious minty hot chocolate in just minutes. You can get a 10-pack of the York Patty K-Cups for $8.44 on But don’t fret if you don’t own a Keurig, the packet version of the peppermint hot chocolate is available for purchase — but only in stores.

And if you love the idea of having your favorite candy in a drink form, Amazon also sells tons of other chocolate candy-inspired K-Cup flavors, including Tootsie Rolls, Charleston Chews, Sugar Babies, and Junior Mints. If you’re having trouble choosing just one, there’s more good news — you can get a 40-count K-cup variety pack with a mix of all of the aforementioned candy flavors for only $15.

With so many delicious seasonal hot chocolate K-cups on the market, now might be the time to invest in a Keurig — and lucky for you, we found Amazon’s best-selling Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker on sale for $45 off.