The World's Oldest Woman's Diet Includes Bacon Every Day: 'She'll Eat [It] All Day Long'

Susannah Mushatt Jones (C), known as

Good news, salted pork product fans: Susannah Mushatt Jones, the world’s oldest living person at 116 years old, has affirmed your hopes and dreams.

A profile of Jones from Page Six has revealed that not only does her daily diet consist of morning bacon and eggs, but, as her niece Lois Judge says, “she’ll eat bacon all day long.”

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The rest of her diet includes fruit for lunch (there has to be balance somewhere), and the classic meat, potatoes, and veggies for dinner (“she eats the meat first,” says her niece).

Jones, a Brooklyn, New York resident who was born in Alabama, has 100 (!) nieces and nephews who affectionately refer to her as “Tee” (short for “Auntie”).

While she has lost her eyesight, her grandniece describes her as “alert,” and even small details, like knowing how many sticks are left in a pack of gum or if her quilt has been adjusted, are not lost on her.

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And another factor she has credited to her longevity? “I sleep,” Jones told the New York Daily News in June.

This is just the latest in life-affirming lifestyle tips from the world’s oldest (and, apparently, most fun) generation, with 110-year-old Agnes Fenton recently giving credit to a thrice-daily dose of Miller High Life.

Now if we could only get one of them to advocate for chocolate, we would really have all the bases covered.

Shay Spence

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