November 10, 2015 01:50 PM


For some Manchester University students, their attempt to make the world’s hottest chili had them suffering even before they ate the stuff, not after.

The Tab, a student-run newspaper at the U.K.-based university, has the full story. Apparently, a group of students pre-gaming for Halloween suddenly started coughing and rushing out of their student housing — one even threw up when she got outside.

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Absent any smoke or smell, the students assumed they were dealing with a gas leak, until their neighbors confessed: They were trying to cook the world’s hottest chili, and the fumes from the peppers they used essentially weaponized their dish.

Firefighters arrived at the scene, having been summoned by one of the students, and they quickly rushed into the house — and then back out, coughing and sputtering. So they donned gas masks and outfitted the house with a giant fan to fumigate the residence.

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The guilty house spent the remainder of the evening handing out beers to their assembled neighbors as an apology.

As for the chili? We don’t have any details on the recipe — maybe they used ghost peppers — but one student, James, confessed to tasting it even after the evacuation. “It was nothing like I’d ever felt before, it was like eating pins and needles.”

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And while there’s no way of knowing whether the students succeeded in their initial quest to create the world’s hottest chili, they did snag another record over the course of the evening: One of the firefighters told them this was “the most stupid thing they’d been sent out for in 20 years.”

Congrats, guys!

— Alex Heigl, @alex_heigl



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