5 Ways to Make Yourself Work Out When You Really Don't Want To

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As the days start to get shorter and the temperatures drop, you may be tempted to slack off on your workout routine.

After all, it’s also no longer swimsuit season and we can hide under cozy layers! But it’s so important to keep moving and find something you not only love to do but also can do all year round.

For instance, during the spring and summer, it’s easy to be active outdoors — running, biking, swimming and playing tennis. But as winter approaches, you can fall back on yoga practice, Pilates workouts, bundled walks, strength training and skiing. Though, there are still some mornings when it’s much more appealing to just snuggle in bed.

Here are some motivational tricks to help you break a sweat because you’ll definitely feel better after working out — and have the body to show for it winter, spring, summer and fall.

Drink a Cup of Joe

Coffee is an ergogenic aid and can stimulate you to work out and help you last longer during your workout. Also, if you tell yourself, ‘I’m going to have a cup of coffee then lift weights’ you’ll have something set in your head. Try to keep this trick for you AM or midday workouts not later in the evening, though.

Plan Your Reward

Promise yourself you can only view the latest episode of Scandal or New Girl after you log a workout. Or if you’re not a TV watcher, give yourself some sort of reward for working out. Only after you complete your yoga practice can you surf the web for cute new clothes.

Make a Date

Schedule a weekly class, run, walk, hike, or tennis match with your friend, partner or family member. If you’re a mom, consider joining a Moms stroller walk and talk meet-up group. You can get so much out of meeting other moms and spending an hour working out with them while still being with your kids. Find something you can do—even if it’s joining a bowling league—that meets weekly and gets you excited to move.

Listen to Your Playlist

It’s like Pavlov’s dog: If you have a great playlist to work out to, once you play it, chances are you’ll get in the mood to break a sweat. Any upbeat music can get you in the mood to move your body. Just turn on Pandora or your favorite artist and dance around your living room or put on your headphones and go outside or to the gym to run.

Buy Yourself New Workout Clothes

When you get a new yoga tank or an awesome pair of workout pants, you want to use them! Invest in some fun long sleeve workout tops, get a long pair of running pants that will block the wind, find layers you love, and dress for success. Channel that same enthusiasm and excitement you used to get from back-to-school shopping into your workout wardrobe then plan some fun, new workout classes to take.

—Kristin McGee


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