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Think you’re the ultimate burger fan? Think again.

New Zealand native Nela Zisser successfully ate 20 McDonald’s cheeseburgers in a little over 16 minutes—and there’s video proof.

The competitive eater uploaded the video as part of a challenge with fellow competitive eater Erik Lamkin, but Lamkin—coming in at 18 minutes and 20 seconds—didn’t stand a chance.

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“That was a lot more food than I expected,” says an out of breath Zisser after finishing off the cheeseburgers.

The model and former pageant winner also goes through five glasses of water (to both drink and dip the burgers in to soften the bread) by the end of the clip.

“As [the burgers] got colder it became a lot more difficult,” she writes on YouTube. “My final time for all 20 cheeseburgers was 16:11 which isn’t bad but I think I could have done better!”

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Zisser has been uploading videos of her competitive eating for over a year with challenges including eating over 8,000 calories of cheesecake, 5 lbs. of frozen yogurt and 50 mozzarella cheese sticks.

And if her video leaves you begging for more, fans can expect a new video from the star on her channel on Monday.

—Ana Calderone, @anacalderone