The "Hamburgler" was arrested Thursday after she allegedly broke into a McDonald's and stole food and cash

By Alexia Fernandez
November 17, 2017 07:30 AM

McDonald’s’ biggest fan was just arrested Thursday for allegedly breaking into a Maryland McDonald’s on Nov. 5.

A video of Jessica Marie Cross, 27, climbing into the McDonald’s went viral, showing her struggling to pull herself in through the three-foot wide window at about 1 a.m.

Cross leaned in through the window to get a beverage, but when that didn’t work, she decided to try to climb in and push herself through.

“She helped herself to a drink then went into the business and stole cash and other food,” Howard County police spokesman Seth Hoffman told WBAL.

According to the Associated Press, Cross does not have a lawyer listed.

Searching through the fast-food restaurant, Cross was seen through surveillance footage taking a box full of food as well as a Happy Meal box full of toys and a drink.

Twenty-two minutes later, Cross went back to the window with a large box, before leaving it there and exiting the building to pick it up from the outside.

Along with those items, police allege that $1,400 in cash was missing from the restaurant.

According to a statement by the Howard County Police Department, an employee arrived at the restaurant at about 5 a.m. Nov. 5 to find the cash registers disturbed and the office door wide open.

Police said Cross attempted to disable the surveillance system, wiped her fingerprints from the store and washed the cash drawers to remove her fingerprints.

Cross is now being charged with burglary and theft after agreeing to turn herself in Thursday morning.