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Updated November 19, 2014 03:49 PM
Cold-Weather Workout Tips

When the cold weather arrives here in the Northeast, it makes it so much harder for us to get psyched about our outdoor workouts.

The thought of standing outside, waiting for a GPS watch to load while enduring frigid temps and ice-cold winds makes us want to nix running all together and curl up under a warm blanket on the couch.

Of course, we don’t want to spend the entire winter indoors and skipping our workouts, so we decided to change up our thinking about the cold weather starting right now. This way, instead of chickening out on our cold-weather workouts, our shift in thinking helps us better prepare for the weather, which ultimately makes bundling up for the great outdoors a little more enjoyable!

Check the Weather Forecast

Our go-to method for transiting to cold-weather workouts is checking the weather forecast for the upcoming week to see which days will have the warmest temperatures and plan our outdoor workouts around them. This way, we can avoid the super cold weather and still get outside to go running without making too many changes to our normal routines.

Work Out Midday

Similar to coordinating our workouts with the weather, we also try to schedule them at the warmest part of the day, say at lunchtime. Taking advantage of the warmest part of the day makes it so much easier for us to get excited about heading outside. If you don’t have a flexible schedule, you could coordinate a midday workout on your days off and hit the gym or take a rest day during the week when the weather is colder.

Start Your Session Indoors

When we are really struggling to stay motivated, we start our workouts indoors before heading outside. We’ll warm-up for 5–10 minutes (jogging in place, jumping jacks) before venturing outside into the cold weather. When we’re already warmed up, it makes staying motivated to exercise so much easier.

Just Do It

There are still times that we don’t enjoy venturing out into the cold, but instead of obsessing about it, we focus on how great we will feel once we’ve completed our workouts. With this “just do it” mentality, we can almost always motivate ourselves to get moving.

— Tina Haupert

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