Warning: This video may be disturbing for some wine lovers.


Italian wine lovers, brace yourselves for some very disturbing video.

Last week, a fermentation tank exploded because it was too full, which led to 30,000 liters of Prosecco spilling out and going to waste. The incident happened at a winery in Conegliano in Italy’s Veneto region.

The winery, named L’enoteca Zanardo Giussano, posted a video of the tank overflowing like waterfall on their Facebook page with the caption: “Conegliano: too much must in the silos, 30 thousand litres of Prosecco spill over!!” as first reported by DailyMail.

After seeing the video, many viewers shared their grief.

“Noooooo. If we were called, we would have drained the excess!!!” one user wrote.

While others tagged their friends and encouraged them to dive right in: “Julie go and catch it!!!” one user commented. “Glad I have stopping drinking for a bit. This could have an emotional for me….” another person said.

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This isn’t the first time a devastating wine incident has happened. In 2005, a truck in France, containing 30,000 bottles of Spanish wine, was drained into the streets.

And for even more heartbreak, we’ve rounded up the best food truck spills of all time.