The Daddy's Home 2 star portrays how annoying it is to have your device out during a meal.

Leave it to Will Ferrell to perfectly portray how annoying it is to have your cell phone out at the table.

The Daddy’s Home 2 actor has teamed up with Common Sense Media to star in a series of PSAs about how distracting people can be when they have their devices out during dinner (or any meal for that matter).

In one of the four videos (above), a family of four is seated at the dining table: “I’m not hungry,” says one of the children as the mom puts a spoonful of peas on her plate.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” she asks.

“I miss daddy,” the daughter sadly replies.

Then the whole table erupts into how much they miss their dad, making viewers think he is either deployed, away for work or has possibly passed away.

The video then cuts to the other head of the table where Ferrell says, “Hey, hey, everyone shut up,” while looking at his phone in his hand. “This filter makes me look like a cat. It’s so funny it’s making me cry.”

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Watch three more of the hilarious videos below.

The series is an effort to educate people about the importance of a #DeviceFreeDinner, and with the 50-year-old father of three and comedian as the star, it’s definitely gaining attention.