This Couple Loves Whole Foods So Much, They Got Married There

Ross and Jacqueline Aronson's road to the altar was as organic as they come.

This couple’s road to the altar was as organic as they come.

Exactly one year after getting engaged in the flower department at their local Whole Foods Market, Ross and Jacqueline Aronson tied the knot at the same grocery store during a unique ceremony. The newlyweds decided on the health food chain for their Feb. 24 wedding because Whole Foods had been such a big part of their love story.

“We loved the idea of having an important life milestone happen in a place we constantly go,” Jacqueline told TODAY Food.

The couple revealed to the outlet that while living in New York City they would often stroll the aisles together looking for ingredients for Ross’s elaborate gourmet meals, and their love affair with Whole Foods only continued when they relocated to Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

In February 2017, Ross worked with the company’s team there to create a special walk through the store with food samples before popping the question to Jacqueline—who immediately said, “Yes.”

Digital Spark Weddings
Digital Spark Weddings

The proposal inspired the bride’s “crazy idea” to gather their friends and family at the store for their big day, TODAY reported. Though it was Whole Foods’ first time hosting a wedding, the marketing team helped pull off a magical event for the couple. They hung signs throughout the store that read puns like “dairy-tale wedding,” “cantaloupe anymore,” “rib-eye do,” and “joined in holy mackerel-mony,” and the Chapel Hill Whole Foods manager Gonzalo Munoz helped guide the guests through the rows of organic produce and grass-fed meats.

“It was just one of those crazy things that just happened,” told the outlet. “We just ran with it.”

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“We know we will be back time and time again, and regardless of the occasion that brings us there, it has no choice but to be special,” Jacqueline said of their decision to wed at Whole Foods. “It will always remind us of an incredible day and significant moment when we made our lifelong commitment to one another.”

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