Whole Foods May Be Adding In-Store Tattoo Parlors at New Millennial-Focused Chain

When you think of Whole Foods, do you automatically think "tattoo parlor"?

Do you associate Whole Foods with tattoos? No? That might soon change in the near future.

In an effort to become more appealing to millenials, the company is adding a slew of different third-party vendors to set up shop throughout Whole Foods 365 — the company’s smaller and more affordable counterpart.

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The program, which is called Friends of 365, will feature a diverse group of services that could range from tattoo parlors to barber shops, Bloomberg reports.

The food retail giant is looking to incorporate a wide selection of sub-retailers that can provide millenial customers with services they are interested in, but can’t otherwise find at traditional Whole Foods locations.

“Whether you’re into fast-casual food service, breakthrough retail (body care products, clothing, shoes, housewares, pet, etc.) or cool street services (barber shop, knife sharpening, bike shop, fitness) — if you’ve got a thriving business ready to go all the way live, we want to hear from you,” reads the company’s site.

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While there’s no word as to when the collaborative effort will come to fruition Whole Foods 365 will launch its first store in May the selected third-party vendors are planning to be announced no later than Feb. 28.

“[Whole Foods 365] is a fresh new format that I think will allow us to take those standards into markets and communities that perhaps Whole Foods Markets wouldn’t be able to go,” Whole Foods CEO Walter Robb told Bloomberg of the company’s newest ventures. “It’s a way of broadening our appeal.”

—Grace Gavilanes

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