The Texas-based fast food chain issued more than $90 million in bonuses to their employees to show appreciation for their hard work during the pandemic and last month's unprecedented winter storm
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Whataburger has been showing appreciation for its employees during all their hard work over the past year.

The beloved Southern fast food chain issued more than $90 million in bonuses to show their appreciation for those who worked through the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented winter storms in Texas, where their headquarters are based.

Employees — known as Family Members — received Extra Mile bonuses, emergency pay and a doubling of their 401(k) plan matching for 2020. It was well earned, as they helped set record performance numbers for the company between March 2020 and March 2021, contributing to its largest growth phase in its 70+ year history.

"The past year reshaped how we live, work and play, with the restaurant and hospitality industry being heavily impacted by the pandemic and this year's crippling winter storms," said Whataburger CEO Ed Nelson in a statement. "We are so humbled and grateful for the loyalty of our customers during this time."

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The news comes after 80 people died across 11 states from weather-related issues in February's winter storm, with at least 47 of those deaths being reported in Texas.

Nelson added, "And we wanted to help ensure that our Family Members and their families were taken care of and thank them for continuing to go the extra mile to serve our guests with great Pride, Care and Love. Our Family Members and guests are the foundation of our success, and we are grateful for both."

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It's been reported that nearly 600,000 Texans lost their jobs over the past year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor.