The light ice cream recently became the best-selling pint in the U.S.
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By now you’ve likely either tasted, fell in love with, or at least heard of the ice cream company Halo Top.

The low-calorie pints have quickly developed a cult-like following since their creation in 2012 and recently became the best-selling pint of ice cream in U.S. grocery stores, beating out more traditional brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs. With 240-360 calories per pint, it’s easy to see why. While it’s not identical to your typical, full-fat ice cream, Halo Top manages to satisfy that ice cream craving without any of the guilt. Intrigued? Read on for 5 fast fact on the treat.

1. The company started as a way to solve the CEO’s own dietary restrictions.

Justin Woolverton created Halo Top in his own kitchen as a way to combat his issues with blood sugar. “I don’t do well on sugar,” he told Delish. “I got into ice cream because I was really making it for myself.” Instead of sugar, Woolverton uses organic stevia and a sugar alcohol called erythritol, which according to the FDA is lower in calories and doesn’t cause a sudden increase in blood glucose. In total, a pint of Halo Top’s chocolate chip cookie dough flavor clocks in at 48 grams of sugar, compared to Ben & Jerry’s Tonight Dough flavor, which has 104 grams per pint.

Halo Top

2. There are 17 flavors to choose from.

If at first you don’t love it, try, try again. With a variety of flavors including vanilla bean, chocolate, mocha chip and birthday cake, there’s something for everyone. But take into consideration that the more complex the flavor is, the more calories per pint. On the low end, flavors like mint chip and pistachio boast 240 calories, while flavors like cookies & cream and sea salt caramel reach 320.

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3. Halo Top counts celebrities among its fans.

Stars like Karlie Kloss, Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher and Olivia Culpo have all expressed their love for the all-natural ice cream, but our favorite dedicated celebrity fan has got to be Brie Larson. The actress recently took to Instagram to show off her massive collection of pints on an appropriate food holiday. “National Ice Cream Day aka The One Day Its Ok To Share The Contents Of My Freezer And Not Look Totally Insane But Instead Appear Enthusiastic,” she wrote.

4. Sales are up big time.

A representative for Halo Top told PEOPLE the company saw a 2500% rise in sales over 2016 and became the most searched brand on Instacart. AdAge reports they brought in nearly $66.1 million in sales in a year with more than 13.5 million pints sold at an average price of $4.89. Insider tip: The cheapest price we’ve seen is $3.99 per pint for Amazon Fresh members.

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5. You should be following them on social media.

Instead of traditional advertisements, the ice cream company pushes their product on their social media accounts. And not only are their Twitter and Facebook feeds aesthetically pleasing, but followers are often treated to serious giveaways—so they’re not only saving your waistline, but also your wallet.