Wendy's Vanilla Frosty Is Officially Back on the Menu

The classic flavor was replaced by new flavors twice in 2022

wendys frosty
Photo: Courtesy Wendy's

Vanilla enthusiasts, rejoice!

Wendy's is officially bringing back the classic vanilla Frosty following a brief hiatus in 2022.

On Thursday, the fast food chain announced the long-awaited return after the decades-old treat was temporarily replaced by the peppermint Frosty in November. The limited-edition, festive flavor was Wendy's first-ever holiday Frosty and only the third Frosty flavor ever introduced by the fast food giant in the past 16 years.

In June, Wendy's dropped the second new Frosty flavor introduced by the company: strawberry. The fruity flavor also temporarily replaced the vanilla mainstay for its summer run.

"We're always listening to our fans and as the most-requested item, it was a no-brainer for us to bring the Strawberry Frosty to the menu this season," Carl Loredo, chief marketing officer for The Wendy's Company, said in a release at the time.

Courtesy Wendy's

While the chocolate flavor was first introduced in 1969, vanilla was permanently added to the menu in 2006 after repeated customer requests.

The only other new Frosty flavor Wendy's has introduced was in 2019. The company offered a birthday cake Frosty in honor of Wendy's 50th anniversary.

The frozen treat incorporated Wendy's famous creamy vanilla dessert mixed with classic birthday cake flavors. Upgrading the already-tasty dessert, Wendy's also introduced a birthday cake Frosty cookie sundae, which was the new Frosty flavor topped with sugar cookie pieces and sprinkles.

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