Wendy's Shades McDonald's New Spicy Chicken Nuggets in Savage Tweet

McDonald's announced their new spicy McNuggets earlier this week

McDonald's and Wendy's
Photo: McDonald's; JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty

A spicy chicken nugget war may be brewing between Wendy's and McDonald's.

Earlier this week, McDonald's announced that they are adding spicy chicken nuggets to their menu. Fast food competitors of McDonald's, like Wendy's, have had major success with spicy nuggets, so naturally, some fans used Twitter to get Wendy's opinion — and the reaction was savage.

Twitter user @Bookiemariex3 asked Wendy's: "I see that @McDonalds is coming out with Spicy Nuggets. What are your feelings?" Wendy's, who is known for having sassy Twitter responses, did not hold back in the reply.

"Must have scraped up all of BKs leftovers and slapped a mcprice tag on it," Wendy's tweeted, roasting both McDonald's and Burger King in just a few words. And Wendy's didn't stop there.

Another fan @DyllanReed48 tweeted, "I'm going to try out McDonald's. Cry. Swallow it and reward myself with Wendy's."

Of course, Wendy's came back with another snarky reply: "Sometimes you have to realize how bad things can be in order to realize how good you have it."

McDonald's has yet to clap back at their competitor.

Fans will have to hold out a little longer to find out which nuggets reign supreme. McDonald's nuggets are available on September 16. The new hot nuggets have the same white-meat chicken you know and love but are breaded in a tempura coating that has been spiced with a kick of cayenne and chili pepper.

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