An employee at a location in Catoosa, Oklahoma, posted a video of the incident on social media.

A Wendy’s location in Catoosa, Oklahoma, is under fire after an employee of the store posted a video of a mouse in a bag of burger buns and a cigarette on the counter of the store on her Facebook page.

“Not only does Wendy’s now have mice—we have crew members who leave cigarettes all over the place,” Sky Frame wrote underneath the side-by-side footage. “Don’t eat at Wendy’s in Catoosa.”

Frame has worked at the Catoosa Wendy’s for nearly two years, and in a recent video interview, she told Neal Communications that even though she shared it on social media, she wasn’t the one who originally found the bag, as she was making sandwiches during a “super busy” night in the restaurant.

“One of my coworkers went to get the bag of big buns,” Frame said. “Then, all you hear is a scream. So I go back there to see what’s happening. He’s saying there’s a mouse in the bag, and I’m like ‘what?'”

“I’ve heard that there have been mice around the store, but I’ve never seen it happen,” she added. “So I go back there and there’s a live mouse. It’s moving around in the bag.”

She said it took “about an hour” before the manager went to retrieve the bag and put it in her office instead of taking it outside.

Frame told Neal Communications there have been other reports of rodents at the store in bun bags, and she shared footage with the local news outlet from a separate video she received from a co-worker. In the video, you can see a mouse crawling all over the bread as an employee poked the plastic bag with their finger.

“I didn’t touch the mouse when it was my turn because that is gross,” Frame said. Frame then shared a photo from her phone of what she said was “mouse feces” in multiple bun bags.

“I’m personally just not comfortable with feeding people buns that have been touched by mice,” Frame said. “My friends go there. My family goes there. I’m not comfortable serving that.”

The employee also wanted to inform the public about their employee’s behavior and smoking cigarettes in the burger joint. She said she witnessed one of her coworkers take a cigarette out of their mouth to put on gloves and “set it right next to all of the open food, including the buns.”

Because of the apparent restaurant conditions, Frame said the chain needs to hire an exterminator and “shut down the store for a day” for cleaning to remove all traces of the mice.

Wendy’s told PEOPLE in a statement that the local health department visited the restaurant on Friday, June 15 and found no violations during their investigation.

“Our franchisee is aware of this situation and is taking this matter very seriously,” a representative for the fast food chain said. “They immediately launched an investigation with their pest control vendor and internal quality assurance experts to ensure immediate and appropriate action is taken. We have stringent procedures in place to ensure safe and well-maintained restaurants.”

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Frame also shared concerns that she might lose her job for posting the video on her Facebook page.

“I don’t think there’s any reason that they should fire me,” Frame said. “I am just informing people. The store is not informing people. No one is doing anything about it. We are still using the buns. No one is checking the buns.”