By peoplestaff225
Updated November 12, 2015 01:21 PM

What Is It: The Sweat Shoppe, a hot spinning class in Los Angeles, CA (Zendaya and Jason Priestley are fans!)

Who Tried It: Christina Dugan, PEOPLE Freelance Writer and Reporter

Level of Difficulty: Realistically, a 9. If the room wasn’t hot, I would say a 7.

To be fair, my weekly exercise regimen includes 4 to 5 high-intensity workouts, so when I agreed to take a class at The Sweat Shoppe, I was more excited to try something new rather than intimated. I’d taken spin classes (which I loved) and practiced hot yoga (which I didn’t love as much, but also didn’t mind). Overall, I was looking forward to the challenge.

I did start to semi-worry at my desk a few hours before the class. I tried to remind myself to just have fun with it! How tough could it be?

VERY, as it turns out! Walking into the 84-degree room, I immediately felt the heat. As I got settled on my bike, the instructor reminded me to enjoy the workout and “sweat it out!” Well, no worries there: I hadn’t even started the physical activity and already working up a sweat.

As the class began, the dark room was illuminated by a fun display of lights. I felt like I was about to embark on an epic dance party. We did a light warm-up — and before I knew it I was climbing a huge hill. My legs were on fire! And so was my body from the heat in the studio! At two points during the class, the instructor turned on the fans for a couple minutes to give the class a “gift” for working so hard.

I thought the instructor did a good job of balancing the class with a mix of high-intensity intervals and light sprints. The room was hyped up and full of energy for the entire 55 minutes. That’s what got me through it!

The Verdict: Walking out of that room felt amazing. And not just because I was done with my workout, but because I felt like I had accomplished something I wasn’t sure I could handle! I would recommend it at least once for all hot yogis and spin fanatics looking to change up their routines.

My last piece of advice: Rather than being intimidated by the heat, embrace it! You can definitely handle it.

— Christina Dugan