June 27, 2017 08:00 AM

Who needs a fancy facialist? If you want to steal Salma Hayek‘s glow, you can now whip up some of her best beauty elixirs—in your own kitchen!

The actress and entrepreneur just launched Juice Generation’s new Blend It Yourself  (aka “BIY”) program, which gives people around the country the ability to try Hayek’s concoctions at home.

“There are some places in America where it’s not so easy to access good organic fruit,” she says, explaining that the products can be delivered all over the U.S. and arrive frozen at your doorstep. “We’ve done all the cutting, all the prepping, all the portioning,” says Eric Helms, Juice Generation’s founder. “All you have to do is add your liquid of choice, blend it for a few seconds, pour it back in your cup and enjoy.”

Hayek, 50, who co-founded Juice Generation’s Cooler Cleanse juice delivery program in 2008, developed three special smoothies that can double as face masks for this BIY project. They even arrive with a pretty fan brush for easy application! In addition to the beauty smoothies, there are 11 other superfood and protein flavors, plus four acai bowls. Subscriptions start at $54 for six cups and get less expensive the more you buy.

And the actress been a DIY facialist for years. Growing up, she remembers her Mexican grandmother mixing home remedies that healed from the inside-out. “She was kind of a witch, my grandmother,” she jokes. Hayek tests her yummy concoctions on her friends and says since they contain fresh fruits and veggies, she even often includes her daughter Valentina, 9, in on the fun.

I was lucky to be among the first to try the three smoothie-mask hybrids alongside Hayek herself.

After we blended up each smoothie, Hayek gently worked the products into my hands first.  “I recommend that when you put it on, massage, massage, massage,” she says. Then we experimented by painting all three blends onto my face with the brush. “You’re going to feel it immediately,” she says. “You’re going to feel how it tightens and activates the circulation.”

She’s not wrong: When it gets on your face, it’s freezing, which is therapeutic in itself. “When you put the mask on and it’s cold, it also has a lot of properties,” she says. “It’s tightening, for example. It wakes up the face.” She insists that results happen “immediately” with these masks.

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According to Hayek, the serving size is generous: You get a nice size smoothie and enough to paint on as a mask on your face and neck (or your whole body if you’re feeling frisky).  “You can do it with your boyfriend, and he’s going to want to lick it off you!” she says.

Aloe Greens is Hayek’s hydrating and calming blend. “[It contains] Nopal cactus, which is the exclusive ingredient,” she says. “Remember, you heard it here first!”  She says that like aloe vera, it aids digestion. If you’re not the kind of person who can handle an all-green smoothie (this one also has cucumber, kale, and spinach), there’s a hint of pear that adds just the right amount of sweetness.

The cream-colored Papaya Avocado has detoxifying Meyer lemon, enzyme-packed papaya, moisturizing avocado, and the standout of the smoothie: exfoliating pumpkin seeds. This one was a little more gritty than the others, and Hayek suggests using this one as a scrub in the morning.

The bright magenta Watermelon Hibiscus ended up being my favorite. “This is the best one to take away inflammation, and also if you have sensitive skin,” Hayek, who uses this one to reduce swelling after traveling, says. Mixed in among chunks of melon and blueberries are what she calls “superhero cubes,” concentrated frozen cubes of rose water, calendula and hibiscus.

I noticed that even though I had makeup on, my skin was much brighter after leaving it on for just 5 minutes. I truly did look more awake, and my fore. The bottom line? Even though I was lucky enough to have Hayek herself massage her beauty blends into my skin, it’s just as easy to do it at home! When you think about everything else you can buy to make yourself feel prettier (hello, $300 gold sheet mask), $9 for an organic breakfast and an invigorating face mask is pretty good.

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