Seriously, Now Is the Time to Make a Watermelon Pizza

watermelon pizza - food
Photo: Jess Hoffman;

Pizza is one of the greatest gifts of life. But eating all that cheesy, carb-y goodness can feel a little heavy during the hot season.

Say hello to your new summer BFF: watermelon pizza.

Our latest craving has all the delicious satisfaction of its comfort food counterpart without all the calories. The idea: Cut a watermelon into round “pies” (thick slices, basically) and top them with fresh ingredients like feta cheese, Greek yogurt, honey, fruits and berries, avocado and herbs.

Not only are the pizzas guilt-free, they are also gorgeous. Colorful and creative, they make a show stopping spread that’s perfect for your next summer barbecue. Check out some of our favorite sweet-and-savory creations below.

The best part: It’s no cook, so you don’t have to wait 30 minutes to eat. Although, throwing them on the grill for 2-3 minutes is a tasty twist we highly recommend.

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