Walmart Is Now Selling a Rosé Wine Water Enhancer Just in Time for Valentine's Day

All the flavors of rosé wine, without the hangover

Yes way, rosé.

If you’re a rosé wine lover, this new Walmart find is the perfect item to add to your cart.

The superstore’s brand, Great Value, is now selling a rosé wine drink enhancer that can be used to turn your water into a delicious glass of wine.

While the product isn’t yet available on Walmart’s website, the Instagram account Candy Hunting first spotted the mixer and posted the exciting news to their page.

According to the label, the 1.62 fluid oz bottle will last customers up to 24 servings of the rosé substitute.

To achieve the perfect non-alcoholic drink, all users have to do is add a few drops of the rosé enhancer to a glass of water.

And while the Great Value brand does not explain what makes the beverage taste like a tall glass of the pink-colored wine, it does say that the enhancer is made from “natural flavor with other natural flavors.”

One Instagram user who managed to get their hands on the non-alcoholic beverage said it tastes like “grape and cranberry juice mixed together.”

Another added that the enhancer could actually be turned into a real cocktail, saying “it’s amazing” if you add a few drops to vodka.

The drink enhancer comes just weeks before Valentine’s Day — the optimal pink-themed holiday to open a bottle of your finest rosé.

But instead of splurging on an expensive bottle of wine, use the drink enhancer to enjoy the same taste of rosé — without the hangover.

As the product has yet to be listed, the price for the item remains unavailable.

However, other flavors from the same Walmart drink enhancer brand are set at an average price of $1.98 for a single bottle.

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