Kiss Artwork Style Me Pretty

We don’t usually kiss and tell, but we want the world to know about our latest love: This whimsical DIY wall art from Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty. It’s as simple as applying your favorite lipstick and layering on some smooches to create a one-of-a-kind design.

“It’s sexy, and something that looks great in any style home,” Larson tells PEOPLE of the piece made by peppering a white art board with color-coordinated kisses.

Choose a few shades in the same family for the right pop of color—we’re starting with deep berry, the “it” hue for fall according to our beauty gurus on the StyleWatch team. Larson’s advice: “Include one very pale color and one very dark color for impact. And reapply after every two kisses.”

For inspiration, just pretend it’s Robin Thicke!


Lipsticks in a few shades


16” x 20” smooth white art board (available at craft stores)

Masking tape

Cardboard, a few inches larger than the art board on all sides

White 16” x 20” picture frame


1. Use the masking tape to secure a cardboard border around your art board. Hold the board by those cardboard edges so you don’t leave fingerprints.

2. Apply the lightest lipstick shade to your lips. In a thick coat, kiss the center of the board, repeating as many times as you want. Don’t be concerned where you place the impressions or what they’re shaped like—they’ll quickly get drowned out by the brighter colors. Figure out which puckers you like best and experiment!

3. Wipe off your lipstick thoroughly with a tissue and repeat Step 2 with another lipstick color, working your way up from lightest to darkest.

4. Gently remove the masking tape and place the art board in the frame. Hang on your wall and admire your handiwork!