Leslie Knope Waffles

A wise woman once said: “We have to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles and work.”

That woman just happens to be Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler‘s over-achieving, lovable do-gooder on NBC’s Parks and Recreation. And we can hardly argue with our hungry heroine: There are few things more perfect than a warm waffle topped with a heaping pile of whipped cream.

But a waffle ice cream sundae … well, that’s just heaven.

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To honor the show’s sugar-addicted star and celebrate Tuesday’s premiere of the series’ seventh and final season, we found the most decadent, delicious, get-in-our-belly waffle ice cream sundae recipe. (Just check out the clip below and tell us you’re not craving a Belgian waffle right now.)

And this breakfast-dessert combo from Hip Foodie Mom blogger Alice Choi — made by stacking ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, cherries and more atop peanut butter- and Nutella-smeared waffles — feels like it was made just for Leslie.

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“I know Leslie would go to town on this. She knows what’s up,” Choi, a big Parks and Rec fan herself, tells PEOPLE.

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So, what was Choi’s inspiration behind this recipe? “This Ultimate Waffle Sundae came to me in a dream. And this might look insane, just crazy to you. I did feel a little crazy indulgent as I was slathering on the creamy peanut butter and globs of Nutella over each waffle. And then as I was scooping out the ice cream. I think there are 8 or 10 scoops of ice cream on this waffle sundae.”

Eight, 10, 15 — pile it up! The best thing about this recipe is that it’s customizable: Use whichever flavor of ice cream and combination of toppings that you so desire.

The Ultimate Waffle Sundae
Serves 4

2 Waffles; prepared and cooked
Creamy peanut butter
Several scoops of your favorite ice cream
Hot fudge
Whipped cream
Nuts of any kind
Chocolate wafer sticks or any cookie

1. Prepare your waffles according to box directions or make them homemade from the link provided. Allow to cool.

2. To assemble: plate your first waffle. Slather on peanut butter and then some Nutella. Repeat with second waffle. Add the ice cream scoops and then go crazy with all of the toppings. Place additional fruit on the side if desired. Enjoy.

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—Morgan Gibson

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