Even Duff Goldman approves
cake in glasses

TikTok has been serving up viral moments all year that have left us all asking, "Why didn't I think of that?" — and the latest will forever change how you cut cake.

The days of attempting to uniformly cut a birthday cake with a knife are over. Simply grab a wine glass and use it to scoop out a perfectly portioned goblet of cake. This quirky method appears to have first been uploaded by TikTok user @theroseperiod, according to Bustle. Since the first upload, the trend has completely exploded with copycat videos littering the #birthdaycake hashtag on the platform.

The original video, which has amassed over 1.6 million views, shows a family celebrating their daughter's 20th birthday. After blowing out the candles, each family member takes a wine glass and scoops out a mound of cake from around the perimeter before toasting each other and enjoying their sweet treats.

People in the comments went absolutely wild for the wacky hack. "Omg. I think you just discovered something," one person wrote. Another said, "What a great idea! I'm never cutting cake again! I have learned so much on TikTok!"

The hack even got the attention of stars. Filmmaker Nancy Meyers posted a similar video on Instagram after seeing it on designer Roxanne Assoulin's page. "I may have to bake a cake just to do this," Meyers wrote.

Cake master Duff Goldman told Bustle the idea was "genius." He added: "Each person can come in with their own cup and get their own serving — it’s a nice communal experience where each person can interact with the cake and each other."

Cutting cake with a wine glass may be the most sanitary way to eat cake if you really think about it — no need to worry about anyone accidentally touching your slice while transferring to a plate! Before you try it yourself though, you should make sure of a few things. Always use a room temperature cake, as a cold cake could be too hard for wine glasses to cut through without breaking. (On a similar note, don't use fragile wine glasses.)

It's also wise to use cups with a stem so you have something to hold onto that isn't covered in cake crumbs. Twitter user @merilindir tried it with a stemless glass, and while it worked, they admitted it was "kinda messy."

Now that that's settled, we'll all just be here wondering what life-changing hack TikTok will show us next.