The Iconic Viennetta Cake from the '90s Is Making a Return in the U.S.

"Fans have clamored for Viennetta's return for almost 30 years, and in 2021, Good Humor grants their wish," the company says in a release

Viennetta ice cream
Good Humor Vienetta. Photo: cyclonebill/Wikimedia

2021 just got a little sweeter for fancy dessert lovers in the U.S.

Good Humor announced Tuesday that they'd be reviving their "iconic '90s Viennetta" product, an indulgent, rippled ice cream cake that erred on the chic side as opposed to the kids'-birthday-confection side.

"Viennetta, the beloved classic take on an ice cream cake, has finally returned to the U.S., thanks to Good Humor!" the brand said in a press release from parent company Unilever. "Fans have clamored for Viennetta's return for almost 30 years, and in 2021, Good Humor grants their wish."

Available only in vanilla for now, the treat "combines a wavy frozen vanilla base between crispy, decadent chocolate layers in a unique cake shape that is perfectly portioned for an entire family to share," the release continued.

"Good Humor Viennetta can make any day a celebration and is great for all special occasions: birthdays, holidays, BBQs, parties or an after-dinner treat!" it concluded.

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For those who weren't around when the Viennetta — which is still available in other countries around the world — was a thing in the U.S., the dessert came in a variety of flavors and featured all the palatable joy of an ice-cream cake with delicate waves throughout.

While many Twitter users from around the world expressed surprise that the Viennetta had been gone from the U.S. for almost 30 years, domestic fans flocked to the social media platform to celebrate the return.

Viennetta ice cream
Good Humor Viennetta. Good Humor

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A total of 25 new products were revealed in Unilever's Tuesday release, including new flavors in the Breyers ice-cream line (with three new CarbSmart offerings), Breyers Reese's Snack Cups and Klondike Wake Me Up Coffee Donuts.

Russel Lilly, Unilever Ice Cream North America's vice president, said in the release, "When creating new products, we look at key trends and what consumers want in their treats to ensure we're creating innovative flavors and expanding the variety of product shapes and sizes that our fans will love."

"We are always looking to develop products that bring joy to ice cream fans everywhere and are excited to launch such a diverse range of new creations this year," he added.

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