September 10, 2014 12:33 PM

Courtesy Starbucks

How many times has this happened to you? You order a drink at Starbucks, enunciate your name as best you can, wait for your order and, more often times than not, find that the barista wrote a name on your cup that only slightly resembles your own.

Now in a new video (warning: with language NSFW), New York-based comedian Paul Gale pokes fun at the common occurrence and claims the butchering of your name is done — wait for it — intentionally.

While posing as a Starbucks employee in the video, Gale deadpans, “I didn’t mishear your name. I am deliberately misspelling your name to confuse and annoy you.”

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Even the easiest of names get caught in his trap. “Let me assure you, everyone in the world knows how to spell ‘Jessica,’ ” he says. “I decided to write ‘Gessika’ on your cup to play with your emotions in a shrewd and calculating way.”

Is there reasoning behind his cruelty? Of course there is: To get you to post a photo of your cup on social media —another act we’re guilty of.

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And even if the day comes that your name is spelled correctly, don’t be fooled. “You’ll think things might be looking up for you. That’s what I want you to think,” he says. “I’m lulling you into a false sense of security. This isn’t over. It’s never over.”

VIDEO: Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong (Warning: With Language NSFW)

—Ana Calderone


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