November 06, 2015 10:54 AM

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Giada De Laurentiis  is opening up about her life post-divorce.

The chef and author of the new cookbook Happy Cooking stopped by People NOW where she revealed how she is co-parenting daughter Jade, 7, with ex-husband Todd Thompson.

“It’s only been a year-and-a-half so we’ll see how it goes but so far it’s been pretty good,” says De Laurentiis who is based in L.A. “I have her here with me [in New York City] for a week. It can get a little tricky but I send lots of pictures and I take lots of pictures and we actually were on the carriage ride yesterday and she was FaceTiming her dad at the same time so we sort of multitask.”

Last month, The Food Network star visited an amusement park with her daughter and Thompson, who she separated from in July 2014 after 11 years of marriage. It was the first time the exes had been spotted together since their divorced was finalized in early September.

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And the amicable exes are putting Jade first. “Both parents need to keep the [other] parent involved in what’s happening with the child,” she says. “So when the child comes back to you and they share these stories you’re like ‘oh yeah, I saw that’ or ‘oh yeah, that was part of that’d you know what questions to ask so you’re both in it.”

As for dating after divorce, De Laurentiis says, “I haven’t been in that game since I was 18 years-old so it’s a very different game when you’re 45 with a child and a career.”

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And don’t expect to see the TV chef on any dating apps. “I don’t do any of that,” she says, and for good reason. “And I would say that ah…it’s ok that maybe I don’t need to date so much because maybe I already have someone I like and I don’t have to.”

—Michelle Ward Trainor

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