Truck Driver Loses 65 Lbs. By Cooking Vegan Meals on the Road

For long-haul trucker Bobby Anderson, the weight-loss journey was particularly hard.

After 21 years on the job – spending 14 hours a day, six days a week behind the wheel – the Mississippi veteran’s sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits took a toll on his waistline.

“I used to want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. And I ended up looking like Chris Farley,” Anderson told Today.

But last year the 45-year-old swapped fast food (ever-present at truck stops) for a vegan diet. It helped him shed 65 lbs. “My belly used to be right up here on the steering wheel. And now, I have room to breathe. And it’s still going down,” said Anderson.

So, how does he maintain his new size? It’s actually a foodie adventure! After cutting out Southern food staples (goodbye BBQ and hush puppies!), Anderson gave up meat, fish and dairy and starting eating more nutritious fruits and vegetables like avocados, blueberries and the occasional potato.

And that was just the beginning. Once Anderson started actually cooking plant-based foods for himself, his physical appearance changed even more dramatically. These days he uses the truck’s electrical power for a pressure cooker, waffle maker, hot plate, toaster and Nutribullet. “It’s very exciting and every day is a different flavor,” said Anderson about his meals, which include dishes like vegetable stir-fry with peanut sauce and healthy salads. “It takes all day to get ready to do this stuff, but it’s well worth it.”

In addition to improving his overall health — “I don’t take no antidepressants, anymore. No blood, no medicine at all and it’s all doctor approved,” Anderson said — his new eating habits also inspired him to start exercising and help others. He now chronicles his progress on Instagram and Facebook under the name Plant-Fueled Trucker. He has over 2,700 Instagram followers and 17,000 Facebook likes. For Anderson’s recipes, click here:

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—Michelle Ward Trainor

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