Avocado Milk Is About to Hit U.S. Shelves (Yes, Really)

The non-dairy, vegan milk alternative is primarily made out of avocados and oats

avocado milk
Avocadomilk. Photo: avocado milk/Instagram

Move over, avocado toast.

Avocadomilk, a brand that sells several varieties of non-dairy milks made from freeze-dried avocados and oats, has a new vegan version of its staple product, which will be hitting shelves in the United States next month.

The new version will be almost the same as the original beverage, only the list of ingredients will no longer include honey, according to VegNews.

“It was a very easy decision to make—our customers told us that they wanted a vegan product,” Terry Daly, President and CEO of Avo88 and Avocadomilk, told the outlet in a statement. “All we did was listen to them and we are over the moon with the new formulation. It tastes better, it’s healthier, it’s simply beautiful.”

As for bringing the brand, which was originally just sold in New Zealand and Australia, to the states, Daly said that “it was an obvious” move.

“On a trip to the US, I went into a Gelsens in LA and watched how the customers picked up the products and actually read the nutritional labels,” he said. “It was obvious to us that the US, and especially California, was setting the benchmark for the alternative milk category and we had to be here.”

So what exactly is Avocadomilk?

“It is a dairy free, preservative free, artificial colours and flavors free, cholesterol free, lactose free, vegetarian milk, that contains a minimum of 20% of the goodness of an avocado in every bottle,” according to the brand’s website.

In addition to having some of the same nutrients inside actual avocados, the original version of the beverage is also green in color — just like the actual fruit.

The drink, which has a shelf life of 11 months, also claims to be environmentally and socially responsible, as it uses “ugly” fruit — and pays growers “20% above market rate” for the products.

Additionally, the bottles are made up of completely recycled plastic and the farms are solely irrigated with rainwater.

If green-colored milk is a little outside your comfort zone, Avocadomilk also makes a chocolate version, which is flavored with cacao — and only has 6 grams of sugar per cup.

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