The new M&M's will reportedly be sold at Target
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M&Ms on Plate
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We’ve seen some delicious and downright weird M&M’s flavors. Everything from pumpkin spice lattes to chili peppers have been wrapped in the signature M-blazoned candy shell. Add to that list vanilla cupcakes, according to a leaked Target circular for Feb. 19th-25th that advertises the flavor under Easter candies.

The cake-ified version of the candies will be another in the brand’s white chocolate-filled varieties which have previously included cheesecake, peppermint and candy corn flavors. Previous limited edition M&M’s have been sold exclusively at Target or Wal-Mart stores before, so the likelihood that this Target flyer has the scoop is pretty high. Unfortunately for your Easter basket, the much anticipated Caramel M&M’s won’t be on store shelves until May of this year.

Reese’s Gold Eggs?

There’s also a mention of Reese’s Gold Eggs for which a cursory Google search turned up nothing. According to the packaging, they look to be Cadbury Creme Egg-style candies with a peanut butter center. However Reese’s also has a mini eggs product with is a smaller version of the flat-bottomed eggs that come out every Easter. If your candy curiosity has been piqued, plan a trip to Target on February 19th.

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