Usain Bolt and Michelob Ultra Will Pay For Your Beer at Any Bar on a 'Running Tab' — Here's How

The famed athlete is teaming up with Michelob ULTRA to allow bar-goers across the United States to enjoy a free Michelob ULTRA this Saturday

Usain Bolt and Michelob ULTRA 
Photo: Michelob ULTRA 

Usain Bolt wants you to have a drink on him.

On Saturday, the 34-year-old athlete is teaming up with Michelob ULTRA to open a "running tab," which will allow bar-goers across the United States to enjoy a free Michelob ULTRA, according to a press release.

To take part in the free beer promo, drinkers must take a photograph of their bar receipt and then upload it to the beer company's ULTRA Beer Run website.

Michelob ULTRA will then email a prepaid card valued at $5to reimburse participants of their purchase, up to a maximum total of $35,000.

"Our aim is to let people know you can work hard, but also relax," Bolt tells PEOPLE.

For beer enthusiasts who can't make it to a bar, Michelob ULTRA is also rewarding "sweat sessions" with free beer throughout the summer through its Beer Run program. There, users will be able to "trade in their running miles, downward dogs, hoops session or any active pursuit for free beer," the company said.

Usain Bolt
Ian MacNicol/Getty

The new partnership from Bolt comes ahead of the Tokyo Summer Olympics, which are scheduled to kick off later this week.

Speaking with Yahoo! Sports' Jared Quay on a recent episode of The Rush, the former track and field superstar said he supports Japan's decision to move forward with the Summer Games.

"People have shown that the protocols put in for sports are really getting better. The NBA has been proving that, even before now, and that it can be done," Bolt said. "So, for me, I'm happy that the athletes actually got a chance to now compete because … I feel like if they put the right protocols in and everybody [follows] the rules, it shouldn't be a problem."

Japan has faced its fair share of criticism for its handling of the pandemic in recent months as the country pushes forward with plans to host the Olympics. Still, Bolt said he believes most athletes will have no issue following any health and safety protocols put in place.

"I think the majority will be very professional because this is what we do for a living and they're all excited to get back to compete because it got canceled last year," he added. "And the fact that it's on now, people are going to be really serious and just happy to be a part of it. So, I know they'll follow the rules."

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