Eric Stringer/Getty; Starbucks

If you were able to make it through the first five minutes of Up without turning it off in a sobbing fit, then you know this image of the cute yellow house suspended in the air by thousands of balloons (and congratulations on having a solid grip on your emotions.)

Well, now the famous dwelling has been given new life — in edible form.

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18-year-old high school student Adrielle Szerbat made a to-the-tee replica of the home for a gingerbread house competition at the Milwaukee Area Technical College (where she is currently enrolled in a pastry class), and it’s pretty spectacular.

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According to Szerbat, she spent well over 100 hours making the house, the exterior of which was made primarily with colored fondant which, impressively, she had never even worked with before.

Some of her other tricks that you can use on your own gingerbread house? Green grass made of toasted coconut, graham cracker sidewalks, crushed Oreos and Coco Krispies for the ground under the house, and, of course, jelly beans for balloons.

We’re getting a little teary-eyed just looking at it.

—Shay Spence