The list includes a loaf of garlic bread, a crab steamer and a salmon head.

By Hannah Chubb
March 05, 2019 11:08 AM
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Mercury is falling back into retrograde today, which means you might find yourself a little more forgetful than usual. Uber is celebrating today’s cosmic movement by releasing their third annual Lost and Found Index, showing data on the most common and craziest items left in Ubers in 2019.

While the most commonly forgotten items were cell phones (followed by cameras, wallets and keys), the 2019 Uber Lost and Found Index proves that Uber drivers shuttle around a lot of hungry riders—a variety of strange foods were left in Ubers over the past year. Take a look at Uber’s full list below.

The 25 Most Outrageous Lost Food Items

  1. A chicken drumstick
  2. A small plush toy of a cat eating a pizza slice
  3. Garlic bread
  4. Platter of sushi rolls
  5. Boxes of Franzia
  6. Lifetime supply matcha card (pink and green)
  7. Turquoise flask with flower stickers on it
  8. Veuve Cliquot Champagne
  9. Taco Bell apron and seven pork tacos
  10. Coconut shrimp
  11. Corn beef in a can, a salmon head
  12. Frozen corn dogs and Sour Brite candy
  13. A large popcorn maker
  14. Small Lush Chocolate Lip Scrub
  15. Chocolate
  16. Painting of an ice cream cone
  17. 24 pack of miller lite and a carton of ice cream
  18. One pound of Starbucks decaf coffee
  19. Crab steamer in trunk of car
  20. Dr. Pepper can in a Minions Koozie
  21. Tuna cans and relish
  22. Two mustards and two green peppers
  23. Poke bowl leftovers
  24. Two metal skewers with neon green handles for campfire marshmallow roasting
  25. Five candy covered apples, one container of cookies and one roast beef sandwich slider

Hungry yet? The data also found that Uber riders are most forgetful on Saturdays and Sundays between 11pm and 1am, that January 1, 2018 and October 29, 2018 (aka New Year’s and Halloween) were the most forgetful days of the year and that people are most likely to forget cakes on Sundays. The most forgetful area in the country? East Alabama, followed by Gallup, New Mexico and Cookeville, Tennessee.

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If you ever find yourself in the position of forgetting your grub in an Uber (because everyone forgets their salmon heads and roast beef sliders every once in a while, right?) there are steps you can take to have it returned. Uber says the best way to retrieve a lost item is to call the driver directly, and you can take a look at this video for all the info you’ll need.