The New Twinkies Cookbook: Twinkie Burritos, Twinkie Burgers and Beyond

The Twinkie Cookbook Recipes

A Twinkie’s endurance is the stuff of legend. (And in this case, we’re not referring to the popular belief that a Twinkie’s shelf life is longer than all of Taylor Swift’s relationships combined.)

After 82 years of making people happy, corporate turmoil almost led to the end of America’s iconic snack cake in 2012. Thankfully, after a swell of public protest the company and its cream-filled treats were spared and the country rejoiced.

To commemorate what they’re calling the “Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever,” Hostess has unveiled a brand new 85th anniversary edition of The Twinkies Cookbook. With 50 recipes submitted by chefs and mega-fans alike, the book is packed with quirky and imaginative creations. Bet you didn’t know you could turn a humble Twinkie into fancy petits fours or a salad. (A salad!) We were just as surprised as you.

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So to celebrate the Twinkie’s longevity, and all that is good and right and American, whip up one of these whimsical recipes. We’ve picked some of our favorites, with helpful suggestions on each one’s perfect recipient.

Twinkie Tiramisu

For your sister who just returned from a semester abroad in Florence. Made with almond liqueur and coffee, this is tiramisu’s American cousin. Just don’t tell Italy. (See also: Page 76, Twinkie Lasagna.)

Twinkie Sushi

Twinkie Sushi
For your dad who’s confused and offended by sushi’s very existence. Surprise! It’s made from Twinkies and candy.

Twinkie Corndogs

Twinkie Corndog
For your state fair-loving friend who will try anything as long as it’s deep fried. The batter is made from whole Twinkies blended with a few other ingredients. Does it matter what other ingredients? There are entire blended Twinkies enrobing this hot dog.

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Twinkie Wedding Cake

Ribbons and Bows Twinkie Wedding Cake
For Princess Charlotte on her wedding day. Or first birthday. Fondant-covered Twinkies and buttercream make for a decadent dessert fit for your most elegant occasion.

—Regan Stephens, @reganstephens

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